Tutorial Memasak Sop Ayam Saus Pedas

12 Nov 2015 22:47

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Tutorial Memasak Sop Ayam Saus Pedas - It's been quite a long time I did not eat at the restaurant chinese food. As long red dates I go for a walk to the mall Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. We popped into Imperial Lamian floor Floor 3A 3A Sky Bridge for lunch.

Here in fact the main menu Lamian, but because the other day too often eat noodles, so today would like to book another menu only. Some friends also have much to recommend Imperial Lamian this, he said besides the food is good-good price is also quite cheap. We ordered four menu that Hainan chicken rice, shrimp cakwe mayonnaise, tofu and shimeji mushrooms salted fish fried rice. To drink I ordered chinese tea crysant.

Menu salted fish fried rice tasted ok, quite savory and characteristic fried rice chinese food in the restaurant is still visible white rice, because the cook does not use soy sauce, but using soy sauce. Shimeji mushroom tofu actually too bad, but because it might cut him in small and thin, knew her less gently. Ordinary if I eat tofu shimeji mushroom him so soft.

For chicken rice menu hainannya bad you know, quite fragrant rice, chicken rebusnya also delicious. Well there is oil and chives are cut into small pieces, quite fragrant aroma and adds delicious chicken rebusnya. Because I like spicy, I add chili oil.

Mayonaisenya shrimp spring rolls here turned out awful, crisp outside and sweet shrimp, sauce cakwe mayonaisnya also add a delicious shrimp. Perhaps this is one of the best spring rolls shrimp mayonnaise in chinese food restaurant in Jakarta, cobain deh!

Sometime pingin cobain Lamian and other menus here. Restaurant Imperial Lamian in Grand Indonesia is recommended to try.

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